Sabina Vajraca
Sabina Vajraca was born in 1977 in Banja Luka, Bosnia. She has been living in the United States since 1994, creating theater and, as of recently, movies. She won awards for her work and the critics liked it, but found she still has to hold a day job in order to survive in New York City. Her favorite color is red, her favorite food is popcorn (salted, no butter), she loves to play dress-up, read books and travel. Her childhood dream was to become a writer, but somehow ended up in theater instead, to the great dismay of her entire family who were counting on another doctor. She has had crushes on pretty boys all her life, and now is no different. Her next big dream is to see Japan.
Ali Hanson
Ali Hanson was born in 1972 in Ross, California. She has been living in New York City since 1994, slogging away at cafes, retail establishments, and corporate environments in order to support her creative lifestyle of theater, dance and film. Her favorite color is blue, her favorite food is vanilla ice cream (commonly mistaken as “plain”), her favorite thing to do is drop down in the middle of a foreign country and make friends. Her childhood dream was to become a waitress, so she could wear one of those cute little French-maid outfits. While none of her employers has ever required this, Alison feels as though being a cocktail waitress sufficed. She has had a crush on almost every boy she has ever met, and regularly falls in love on the subway. Her next big plan is to make movies.